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The picture of the Westminster Abbey being pulled apart on the cover is a symbol of the divided house of Reformed eschatology. On one side of the house is the amillennial camp, which says that there is only one future coming of Christ in the New Testament. On the other side is the partial preterist, postmillennial camp, which says that the eschatological time texts of the New Testament must be taken seriously. By gathering truth from each side of the Reformed “house divided,” Preterism constitutes the uniting, restoring, and re-establishing of its house.


Introduction and Recap of When Shall These Things Be?

Chapter One:
The Arbitrary Principle of Hyper-Creedalism
(page 11)
David A. Green

The Ecumenical Creeds: The First and Final Word /
The Bitter Fruit of Hyper-Creedalism / Conclusion /
Preterism and the Ecumenical Creeds: Introduction /
Sola Scriptura / The Eternal Gospel / The Gospel in the
Creeds / Arbitrary Creedalism / Why Do the Hyper-
Creedalists Rage? / Summary and Conclusion

Chapter Two:
If Preterism is True
(page 33)
David A. Green

Hill’s Premise / Simultaneous Defection of All Churches
to an Alien Eschatology? / Consummation Missed and
Not Noticed? / On the Incarnation / The Festal Letters
/ Early Church Unbelievably Deficient? / Knowledge
Gained When Knowledge Lost? / Word Meanings Radically
Changed? / Conclusion

Chapter Three:
Openness Futurism
(page 57)
Edward J. Hassertt

Dr. Pratt versus Reformed Theology / Sawing off the
Limb He is Sitting On / Predictions versus Threats /
Haggai 2:21-23 / Pratt’s Three Failed Eschatons / Pratt
and Openness Theology / House of Cards Divided /

Chapter Four:
The Eschatological Madness of Mathison or How Can These Things Be?
(page 75)
Michael J. Sullivan

Old Testament Imminence / The Last Days / Double
Fulfillments / All Things Written / Prophetic Telescoping
/ The Coming of the Son of Man / In Like Manner /
The Rapture / The Creation Groaning / Death, Tears,
and Pain / All Israel will be Saved / The Millennium /
2 Timothy 2:17-18 / Conclusion

Chapter Five:
Carrot and Stick Eschatology
(page 131)
Michael J. Sullivan

Revelation 11 / The Seven Letters / Irenaeus and Hegesippus
/ Honey, I Shrunk the Angels / The Lord’s Day / All
the Tribes of the Earth / The Millennium and the Great
Commission / Conclusion

Chapter Six:
A Creedal Objection to Wilson’s Creedalism
(page 151)
Edward J. Hassertt

Wilson and Rome versus the Reformation / The Beam
in Wilson’s Eye / Conclusion

Chapter Seven:
The Resurrection of the Dead
(page 161)
David A. Green

Doctor Strimple’s Thirteen Arguments / An Exposition
of First Corinthians Chapter Fifteen / Necessary Inferences
/ The Body / The Universality of the Resurrection
(1 Cor. 15:20-28) / If the Resurrection is not Universal
(1 Cor. 15:12-19; 29-34) / The Seed Analogy (1 Cor.
15:35-50) / The Universal Change (1 Cor. 15:51-58) /
Summary and Conclusion

Chapter Eight:
Inconsistent Orthodoxy
(page 219)
Samuel M. Frost

Conclusion (page 233)


Samuel M. Frost is an author and lecturer. He has made several television and radio appearances. He is the author of Misplaced Hope, a top selling preterist book. Samuel received his Bachelor of Theology and went on to complete his Master of Christian Studies and Master of Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), Church of God Theological Seminary (Cleveland), and Whitefield Theological Seminary (Lakeland). Samuel has been published in several magazines, is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and has lectured there. He is currently earning his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Whitefield Theological Seminary. He is president of Reign of Christ Ministries and co-administrator of the social networking website “Sovereign Grace Preterism.”

David Green has written numerous articles for preterist periodicals. He is the owner of the website, “The Preterist Cosmos.” He served as an adviser to John Evans in the preparation of his book The Four Kingdoms of Daniel (2004, Xulon Press). He is quoted at length in various preterist and anti-preterist websites and books, including When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-preterism, edited by Keith Mathison; and Judgment and Dominion: An Economic Commentary on First Corinthians by Gary North. David moderates a preterist discussion group at and has been a preterist for 20 years.

Edward Hassertt has 15 years experience as a pastor. He has a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Theology, and a Doctorate in Law. He has been a preterist for 10 years.

Michael Sullivan is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College. He majored in theology at The Master’s College for two years. Mike has written various articles for preterist periodicals and websites. He is the owner of the preterist web site, “Tree of Life Ministries.” He has been a preterist for 18 years.

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